About Us

The Good The Bad (TGTB) Gallery is an Auckland-based, not-for-profit, artist-run initiative that seeks to provide opportunities for artists of all ages to present their art publicly and engage local communities with quality art experiences. 

TGTB Gallery currently occupies no permanent physical space with exhibitions popping-up in temporary locations across East Auckland.


TGTB Gallery (est. 2015) was the transformation of a neglected former doctors clinic into the first art gallery in Tāmaki, East Auckland.

It's purpose was to fill the gap missing in the community for a much-needed space dedicated to presenting and viewing visual art. The aim was to cultivate and encourage the accessibility, appreciation and culture of the visual arts within the Tāmaki community.

The doors closed on the physical gallery space in April 2017 after 12 exhibitions that included 54 artists (35 under 18 years old) and over 1200 visits.



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